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CILECT Congress

The Digital Age is changing the media landscape and filmmakers and teachers are forced to step across the borders of their professional fields to find new strategies of diversification. The CILECT Congress at the Zurich University of the Arts addresses questions raised by this new era of disruptive convergence, offering insights into a wide range of approaches illuminated by eminent speakers drawn from around the globe. 
Among our noteworthy keynote speakers are
  • Markus Gross (Switzerland/USA), Vice President of Global Research and Development of The Walt Disney Company and director of Disney Research Zurich,
  • Frank Rose (USA), the author of the landmark book The Art of Immersion and a member of the Digital Storytelling Lab at Columbia University School of the Arts,
  • Andrea Phillips (USA), a well-known transmedia writer, game designer and author of A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling,
  • Pia Tikka (Estonia/Finland), head of the enactive Cinema Lab, principal investigator of the NeuroCine research project and professional filmmaker,
  • Barbara Flückiger (Switzerland), professor for film studies at the Zurich University and holder of the prestigious Advanced Grant by the European Research Council,
  • Shmerah Passhier (South Africa), an expert of the African film scene with a large experience as a writer, director, editor and camerawoman in many African countries,
  • Tim Marsh (Australia), a researcher, academic, educator and consultant focusing on the extension of filmmaking to interactive digital media, virtual reality and digital games.
The congress highlights three major topics, with a day of talks, case studies, workshops, screenings and discussions
devoted to each:
  • The Transmedia Turn: How and why is the media landscape changing?
  • Transmedia in Film Education: How do film schools cope with the disruptive development?
  • Transdisciplinary Research: What cooperation strategies are most promising and how can the convergent media situation be approached?
Most presentations will be given by CILECT members from all over the world. There will also be an exhibition of new transmedia work, including groundbreaking projects, in the Exhibition Space at the Zurich University of the Arts. 
Please ensure you set aside enough time to explore Switzerland’s magnificent landscape before or after our congress.
Discover the country’s towering mountains, colossal glaciers, raging watersfalls, and panoramic views with our carefully selected tour operators.

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We will be publishing a detailed program nearer the event.
Come visit us in Zurich for a truly transnational transmedia experience.
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Hartmut Wickert, Head of Department Performing Arts and Film; Christian Iseli, Congress Host and Head of Film Research, Chantal Haunreiter, Congress Host and Deputy Head of Film, Maria Dora Mourao, President CILECT, Stanislav Semerdjev, Executive Director CILECT


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